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The Cooking Spotlight  shines on cuisines from around the world. Join us at the Cooking Spotlight where the scene is set for our team of guest chefs, instructors, and local food artisans to share their knowledge and experience with you in a fun and relaxed approach. We will offer a wide variety of classes and themes:  ethnic and gourmet menus, skills classes, wine and beer pairings and classes featuring local artisanal products.  We focus on using local and organic ingredients as available.

Team Building: The Spotlight is on your team!Dollar Financial Teambuilding 001a

Cooking Spotlight’s team building events offer your staff and clients a fun and interactive experience which boosts morale, promotes comradery, and is just plain fun! Step into our beautiful kitchen showroom and let the fun begin.

Private Parties: Let Cooking Spotlight Light Up Your Celebration!

Cooking Spotlgith Private Party SetupGather 10 to 80 of your friends or colleagues  and have fun cooking! Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, rehearsal dinner, or a corporate event, book it at Cooking Spotlight and select from wonderful event and menu options – also fresh and local as available.


knife skills



Hands-On Class: The Spotlight is on you!

Our Hands-on cooking classes are limited to 16 people to ensure that everyone gets to participate.  The classes are designed for cooks of all levels of experience and interests: whether you are just a beginner, would like to improve your cooking skills, or just have an enjoyable night out – there is a class for you.  Guests are actively involved in preparing the meal and every class ends with a dinner party.

Demonstrations: The Spotlight Turns to the Chef!

Our Demonstration classes are a feast for all your senses!  Unlike just watching a cooking program on TV, at Cooking Spotlight you’ll also be able to hear the bacon sizzling, smell the cookies baking and most importantly taste the delicious outcome!  Our chef/instructors do all the work offering entertaining and informative tips along the way.  Guests are offered samples of each course throughout the evening and the printed recipes to take home.



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